Augmented Reality Graphics

Requires viewing on an Apple iPhone or iPad running iOS12 Safari browser. If you see a cube icon on the top right hand corner of the graphics below, your device is compatible. Scroll down for more instructions.


What Techniques Are Being Used to Attract Your Attention USDZ File

Images You Compare Yourself to Are Not Reality USDZ File

Who Benefits From You Feeling Bad About Yourself USDZ File

Don't Compare Yourself to This Image USDZ File

Happiness Not Perfektion USDZ File

Who Profits From Your Insecurities? USDZ File

Define Your Own Worth USDZ File

You're Fine Just The Way You Are USDZ File

No Bodies Perfekt USDZ File

Ideal Body Shapes Change Over Time USDZ File

  • Tap to select a graphic
  • Once loaded, tap AR to enable the camera
  • Aim for a clear spot on a flat horizontal surface (the ground)
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to help the device map the location
  • The graphic will launch when this is complete
  • Drag, pinch, and rotate gestures will manipulate the position of the graphic
  • Position over any (un)desired advertising spaces
  • Tag any pictures or video you take with #nobodiesperfekt

These graphics are USDZ 3D files, a new format created by Apple and Pixar. USDZ files are natively supported in iOS12 and above applications, meaning you can also send them to other people through Apple Mail and Messages, or save them to your Files app for offline use.